AB Nabil is a Musical Genius. “Sofia” Proved It.

It’s obvious that AB Nabil is on a powerful drug called music. The Chief Executive Officer of Fly ENT did it again. “Sofia” is the most creative music video of 2019. Not only is he lyrically talented, he’s also a visionary. This up and Coming East African musician never disappoints! The message in Sofia is extremely powerful. Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand!

This song hits the nail on the head. We honestly can’t get enough of this hit! The music video was released on May 25, 2019. Kasreh Records did his thing in the kitchen and this collaboration turned out magical. Just flawless.

AB Nabil “Sofia” © 2019 FLY ENT.

This magnificent artist freely expressed what’s on his mind and heart through dope visuals, expressive dancing and very touchy lyrics. Ki ukweli, hii nyimbo ni ya kimataifa. He did an incredible job raising awareness on important issues affecting our African community such us; financial insecurities, alcoholism, Sexual transmitted diseases, identity crisis and mental health issues.

Tunaamini kwamba lengo la wimbo huo ni kuhamasisha vijana waishi maisha bora na sio maisha ya kuiga. Kuiga mwisho wake ni mbaya. Damn! Y’all saw what happened to Sofia though? We don’t often hear such topics in modern African music. There’s a trend going on; love, sex & drugs. It’s clear that AB Nabil is different & unique. He’s always feeding our souls different flavors. Great music speaks for itself. This one right here is pure gold. AB Nabil is a musical genius. Mkali. Period.


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