The “Baddest” Chick in the Game!

Kama haujaona hii video mpya “Cheche” by Princess Debbie, basi wewe ni kipofu! She’s back and she’s better! Video hii imetoka June 21st 2019 na ilirekodiwa Miami beach, Florida. Cheche, directed by Naphatali Rosenberg and Produced by Centanto is the latest Hit from Princess Debbie & It’s all about love! Hold up! Let me get to it, y’all!

Video quality: Director Naphatali Rosenberg amefanya kazi nzuri. He perfectly captured this summer time tune! The scenery and location matched the lyrics & mood. This video is hot! I am surprised he didn’t get distracted by her beauty and drop the camera in the water. Now, that’s what I call an expert!

Lyrics: When it comes to Love songs, Princess is the love bird. From “Carry Me” to “In Love” she’s strictly been focusing on intimacy & relationships. The heat song “Cheche” starts with, “Penzi lako tunda tamu nimeshalionja” and then she adds, “Tiba yangu tabasamu lako lanitosha.” We are honestly loving this song! Our only question is, who is this lucky boy? This African beauty knows how to captivate our eyes!

Should we expect something different from Princess Debbie soon? Will she make music about different life topics? We love her creativity and the effort she puts in her Music. In addition, her voice is getting better and better everyday. Without doubt, Princess Debbie is the “Baddest” chick in the game!

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