“I Can’t Compare You To Anyone Else.”

AB Nabil instagram

Just one day before the release of his new hit “Monica” AB Nabil the “Musical Genius” takes on Facebook to share a very emotional quote from his mother. He writes;

I was told by my mother, “I can’t compare you to anyone else. Remember, you were not born in the State House!” Then he adds, “It sounds so unpleasant to hear that you’re a child of a peasant. The difference between you and them is that; your father desired to have wealth but their father’s had wealth. There’s a difference between you and them. They bought expensive toy cars but you created those cars with wires. You’re a creator & inventor. Don’t ever be ashamed to proceed with the path that will lead you towards your hearts desire.” We admire him for sharing such empowering words! Keep on changing the game, Sir! Monica, produced by Eseka Productions will be released on 11/28/2019.

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